Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tea & Sophistry

A new blog and a new start.

My old blog, Don't Set Fire to Your Jacket, was always intended to be somewhat experimental and my posting was sufficiently haphazard as to prevent it getting far off the ground.

The intentions I start this blog with are:

At least two posts a day.

Remaining acerbic but a bit less ranty.

Include some posts about things other than politics, (the "try to get a life" clause).

We'll, (assuming some readers turn up sooner or later), see how it goes and in the mean time I'll get the tea on:

If anyone knows where you can get hold of Boh Tea in the UK please do tell. The pot of it I had at the plantation in the Cameron Highlands, ( below), was one of the best of my life, (might be due to the influence of sitting in a pretty place with a beautiful Mexican girl).

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