Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Having smoked very happily for about 15 years, fags and I have reached the point of departure. I'm giving up, not because I no longer enjoy them, nor because of the governments ever more insane anti smoking propaganda.

The reason is that I've been ill on and off for the last couple of months with epidiymo orchitis, (very much on the not at all fun side of illness), and I need to get healthy enough that the bloody infection doesn't keep coming back. I know the smoking is not directly related, but if I'm going significantly raise my fitness levels it's got to go.

So I quit in sadness rather than zeal, annoyed that my body seems incapable of putting up with the fun I have selected for it. The only consolations are that I will be donating less to the treasury and I'll be fighting against the smoking ban from a position that appears less self interested.

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